Illegal aliens NO! Legal aliens YES

The Democrats along with some Republicans want to past a bill that will grant over 12 millions illegal aliens amnesty.
They will be able to bring there entire families in to the our country. That will add another 30 million to the already 12 million.
This will insure that the Democrats will never get out of office and America will never be the same.
They say they will pay taxes but the truth is that they will not earn enough to pay taxes.
They will make just enough to get earned income back every year from you the real tax payer.
The number would be $3,000 to $10,000 a year depending on how many children they have.
We also need to change the constitution about becoming a legal citizen at birth even if the parents are not.
This was set up because of the American Native Indians, that issue is now over.

One more thing if illegal aliens because legal then they will get fair pay so that
defeats the reason of using illegal alien that work for less????

Check this video out, it tell all the detail on what are government is trying to sneak past us.



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